Dr. Puneet Pasricha

General Dentist

Dr. Pasricha has been professionally involved in the field of dentistry for over 16 years. He earned his Bachelor of Dental Surgery Degree from India, and successfully completed his Canadian Dental equivalency license with Gold Medal at University of Toronto. He also received both of his Implant Certification and Sedation Certification from University of Alberta. Dr. Pasricha finds the entire practice of dentistry immensely rewarding and enjoys all aspects of it, whether it’s something as simple as restoring a cavity, or a more complex case like a root canal or wisdom tooth extraction. He has a particular interest in Cosmetic Dentistry and Oral Surgery.

Dentistry has always been a part of Dr. Pasricha’s life. Growing up, he spent a great deal of time at his mother’s clinic, and always looked forward to going there after school to watch her work (and to play with the cool gadgets, of course). Dentistry is an ever-changing field, and Dr. Pasricha continuously strives to be better and to go above and beyond to provide his patients with quality dental care.

Dr. Pasricha frequently partakes in continuing education to further enhance his skills and to familiarize himself and stay up to date with all new technology. When he gets asked whether he likes his job, his answer is always, “Well, of course, because to me, it’s not a job, it’s a passion!”

Dr. Pasricha is a firm believer that a great bedside manner is equally as important as clinical skills. We all know dental anxiety is a real thing. For the extremely nervous patients, Dr. Pasricha is pleased to offer sedation options to make any procedure or treatment as comfortable as possible.

Outside of dentistry. Dr.Pasricha enjoys spending time with family and friends. In the summer, you can usually find him outside involved in basketball and golf. In the winter, he tries to get out on the hills as much as possible to snowboard.

To Dr. Pasricha, there is no greater satisfaction than showing his patients the mirror at the end of a procedure and seeing the smile on their faces.

Most importantly, Dr. Pasricha’s role as a healthcare professional is to ensure that his top priority is you, the patient

When visiting Dr. Pasricha and his staff, you will meet members of a team whose purpose is to serve you. You will be treated as an individual where your concerns and desires will be their primary focus.